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Last week Ukraine's Ministry of Defence saved about UAH 4.5 mln due to e-bidding
05.08.2015 | 11:03
Press-service of Ministry of Defence

The Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence maintains deliveries to the Ukrainian army units participating in the ‘anti-terror’ operation.

Last week, the MoD Tender Committee took a decision to sign the agreements based on the results of the bidding executed within the ProZorro electronic procurement system. Thus, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive 50,000 caps, 1.5 mln packs of canned meat, etc.

Thanks to the e-bidding, the Defence Ministry saved about 15%, i.e. about UAH 4.5 mln.

In 2015, the Ministry of Defence has signed 328 agreements and 49 additional agreements for delivery of military uniforms and accessories amounted to UAH 1 bln 750 mln.

The state enterprises have already supplied military uniforms and accessories amounted to over UAH 1 bln 150 mln such as 88,500 caps, about 170,000 sets of summer field uniform, 89,000 pairs of boots, about 40,000 special suits and about 57,000 waterproof suits, about 40,000 Korsar M3s-1-4 armour vests, about 70,000 Kaska-1M bulletproof helmets, 86,500 sleeping bags, 1,075 tents, etc.


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