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Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Warsaw: We need more of Poland in the Ukrainian issue
09.09.2015 | 15:46

"There exists a notion of strategic partners in international relations. I think that in our bilateral relations with Poland it is necessary to introduce a new category of international relations which is strategic friends", stressed Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk following his meeting with Prime Minister of Poland Ewa Kopacz in Warsaw.

"Poland is the country with similar views. Poland is an example of reforms for us. You have proved by experience that if one embarks on reforms, goes through trials – and at the first stage, supposedly these reforms were perceived with scepticism , but they yielded results - it is possible to become a member of the European Union. You've demonstrated that."

Moreover, the Head of Government of Ukraine stressed, except that, Poland had become a member of the EU, "for the last 8 years it has managed to join a team of core drivers of economic development in the European Union": "It is the achievement of Poland, the Poles and Polish authorities".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized that for Ukraine "the views and stance of Poland regarding Ukraine in communication with the countries-members of the European Union are of topmost importance": "We ask more of Poland in the Ukrainian issue. As we are well aware, hardly anybody in the world understands us the way you do".

As was reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk is on a working visit to Warsaw. Today his meeting with President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda is scheduled.


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