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Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Slovakia argue against Nord Stream-2 project
10.09.2015 | 17:09

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico agreed that they are against the construction of Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. They announced following the negotiations in Bratislava on Thursday, September 10.

The negotiations of Heads of Governments lasted 2 and half hours.

Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico emphasized: “Gazprom has inked with members of certain European countries deals regarding erection of a new Nord Stream pipeline. I’d like to use normal utterances, but I’d better be evocative: they are just making idiots of us”. 

Robert Fico urged it was happening when “for months, there had been talks at the European Council about the need to help Ukraine stay a gas transit country, to help it through difficult winter months”.

“We are talking about the gas transit in huge volumes via the territories of Ukraine and Slovakia. In case the transit halts Ukraine could lose billions, Slovakia hundreds of millions euros”, he accentuated.

 “I want to reject the argument that the deal between Gazprom and gas companies in Western Europe is just a matter of business. I reject it because we are very much talking about geopolitical relations and communications. I am convinced that Western gas companies that operate in the territory of the EU member countries, they have betrayed the other European states, including Slovakia", said Slovak Prime Minister.

Robert Fico announced he would raise this issue at the European Council.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that when the first Nord Stream gas pipeline had been built, "Ukraine was deprived of US $ 1.5 billion of revenue from gas transit".

In addition, he stressed, "it has not entailed additional energy independence for the European Union": "What's the difference where to get gas, if you have the same supplier?"

“Nord Stream-2 project is anti-European and anti-Ukrainian,” the Prime Minister of Ukraine stressed.

He accentuated that the construction of Nord Stream-2 would result for the European Union into "the loss of the possibility to conduct direct gas deliveries through Ukraine along the shortest path": "The amount of such losses makes up 140 billion cubic meters of gas that can be pumped through the Ukrainian gas transport system".

"Nord Stream-2 project jeopardizes the safety and continuity of gas supplies to the Southern and Eastern Europe. This means the monopolization of ways to supply natural gas to the European Union, and therefore, the price hikes for ultimate gas consumers in the EU. It would also lead to losses for our Slovak friends and partners worth approximately 800 million dollars in revenues," urged the Head of the Ukrainian Government.

According to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, for Ukraine the construction of Nord Stream-2 entails "exclusion from the transit supplies to the European Union”: “It would result into the loss of 2 billion dollars in revenues that we receive for transit flows and safe gas supplies to the European Union".

"It isn't fair either with respect to our European partners or to Ukraine," he stressed.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded that the Government of Ukraine had decided to establish a joint venture to operate the Ukrainian gas transport system: "Up to 49% shares of the joint venture for the management and modernization of the Ukrainian GTS can be owned by operator companies of the EU countries and the United States of America".

"Once again we appeal to our European partners. You have to become partners demonstrating real actions. Let's jointly operate the Ukrainian gas transport system. This will enable gas transit to the European Union. It will not allow Russia's Gazprom to have a monopoly on the European market. And it will give a chance to really modernize the Ukrainian gas transport system," said the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

"I believe that the European Commission won’t just pay attention to it, but the right decision will be adopted, the decision based on European values, instead of price", said Arseniy Yatsenyuk.


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