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Ministry of Finance has convinced IMF it is necessary to pursue tax reform
08.12.2015 | 12:16

The IMF has agreed with the vision of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on the necessity to implement a tax reform in Ukraine, Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko told in her interview with

She emphasized that the deficit of the state budget had not been the only point of consideration for the IMF in the discussion of the tax reform. The IMF is interested in a balanced approach to the budget as well as in the quality of proposed solutions and in the reform of all branches of the Ukrainian economy. The IMF provided its support for Ukraine, only after its experts had confirmed that Ukraine had complied with all required benchmarks.

«Yes, they were opposed to our proposal in the beginning, but after several months of negotiations and discussions with figures and facts they changed their standpoint. So, yes, now the IMF agrees to our view of the things. They have understood our philosophy of the reforms which is aimed to increase revenues and to cut budget spending», Jaresko pointed out.

The permanent envoy of the IMF in Ukraine Jerome Vache has recently pointed out that in regard to the tax reform the IMF pays attention not only to the budget deficit figures, but also to the policy behind the reform approach which must reduce disparities in spending as well as in revenues and must secure a fair treatment for all groups of citizens.


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