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Ministry of Finance welcomes decision of rating agency S&P to confirm long-term sovereign credit rating of Ukraine at B-/B for hard currency loans and at uaBBB for domestic loans
15.12.2015 | 12:18

The confirmed rating is a direct and positive acknowledgement of the results of foreign debt restructuring successfully completed by Ukraine on November 12 of the current year by the emission of new bonds.

Thanks to the debt restructuring Ukraine managed to reduce its debt by USD 3 b and to postpone the payment of USD 8.5 for after 2018.

The decision by S&P follows the decisions by Fitch and Moody’s to upgrade the long-term sovereign credit rating of Ukraine from «Limited default probability» to ССС and from Са to Саа3 respectively. 

This news shows the result of Ukraine’s efforts aimed to reduce the debt burden on the economy of Ukraine and thus to return to economic growth in 2016 already.


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