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Ministry of Infrastructure presents service for businesses to make public procurement more transparent in 2016
24.12.2015 | 17:20

On 24, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure/Chief of Staff Volodymyr Omelian presented a single platform for public procurement of state enterprises which are subordinate to the Ministry of Infrastructure. These are the first results of the new electronic document management system introduced in the Ministry in early December.

Presently, the entrepreneurs can get information about the procurement plans of 15 companies at the total sum over UAH 5 billion. Now the database is being filled and by the end of the current year the data from the majority of enterprises will be included. The source will be available on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure under section "Business" – "Procurement".

The service is a widget that is easy to use. It affords to analyze which goods and services, to what extent and at what time are planned by a particular company to buy. Each provider will have the opportunity making a few clicks to see what businesses need goods or services he provides and at what time. This will allow the enterprises to plan in advance their activity for the next year. Volodymyr Omelian informed the data would also be available through the website of the Ministry and the government open data portal

The following data sets that the Ministry of Infrastructure is planning to introduce in this system will be contacts and account balances of enterprises, thus affording to monitor in what banks and on what terms the funds are kept. Moreover, there will be opened information about the lease of immovable and movable state-owned property. This will allow evaluating the rent and terms the contracts end.

In 2016 most of the reports of the enterprises will be converted into electronic form and published as open data to improve transparency and intensify public control.


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