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Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to anti-corruption and prosecution authorities to finalize criminal proceedings against chairmen of state-owned companies
21.01.2016 | 17:44

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to anti-corruption and prosecution bodies to bring to the completion the criminal proceedings on the results of inspections conducted in core state-owned companies: "No public official in a Ministry, department or state-owned company has immunity and in the case of committing a crime should be answerable in court", stressed the Head of Government at a meeting dedicated to investigation of anti-corruption cases on Thursday, January 21.

“There shouldn’t be elitists, no matter who they are – whether they are top officials of the executive authorities or leadership of any public company or state agency", urged Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The Head of Government reminded that throughout the year he had sent to the State Financial Inspection a number of instructions on the audit of public companies. As a result there were drawn 65 verification acts on key state-owned companies with the assessment of both a period of their previous activity and a period of 2014-2015.

He also reminded the case when following a tender the sum worth UAH 480 million, allocated under the Kyoto Protocol, "was intended to transfer on accounts of a fly-by-night company": "There exist dozens of such facts".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to those present at the meeting to join efforts and with participation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police, the State Fiscal Service and State Financial Monitoring Service and the entire enforcement sector "to bring to completion the criminal proceedings against heads of the state-owned companies in every case where there were revealed facts of actual abuse by officials or heads of companies."

The meeting was attended by Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko, the leadership of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the State Service of Financial Monitoring, the State Auditor Service.


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