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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the latest unlawful Russian Court decision in the trial of Nadiia Savchenko
11.03.2016 | 09:08
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its resolute protest over the dilatory tactics of trumped-up trial of the Ukrainian citizen Nadiia Savchenko and deliberate creating the life-threatening circumstances for her.

The postponement of the Court decision on Nadiia Savchenko until March 21 and denying her the right to be attended by the Ukrainian Consuls, physicians and family who came to Russia, we perceive as intentional and cynical reprisal against Ms. Savchenko, who’s unbreakable will and strength of the spirit have become the symbols of countering Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The unprecedented ignoring the diplomatic immunity Nadiia Savchenko enjoys as a PACE Member as well as neglecting her status of a Member of Ukraine’s Parliament raise our deep concern.

We once again call upon the international community to strengthen political and diplomatic pressure upon the Russian Federation for saving Nadiia Savchenko’s life and her immediate release and return to Ukraine.


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