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Arseniy Yatsenyuk launches the new police service in Boryspil
24.03.2016 | 12:12

On Thursday, 24 March, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk together with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze took part in the oath taking ceremony of the patrol police officers in Boryspil.

On this day 171 new patrol officers will start patrolling the streets. The city of Boryspil will be policed by 12 brigades, including the airport Boryspil.

There are eight anti-terror operation participants among the new police officers of Boryspil, in particular, Vitalii Gorkun – "the cyborg", who fought for Donetsk airport, participated in the liberation of Slavyansk, and was awarded by the Order For Courage of III degree.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted that Boryspil was the 19th town in which the new patrol police service was triggered.

The Head of Government stressed that the new police undertook a very difficult and responsible mission – to protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to protect peace in their hometown and to instil a feeling of safety in every family, every person."

He appealed to the new patrol officers: "You have made the decision to serve the Ukrainian people. Your responsibility, your decision to protect people, your strength and your belief in doing the right thing, are determinant for the future of each of you and the future of the Ukrainian police in general. Protect Borispil, protect its citizens, and perform your sacred duty."


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