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The Ministry of Finance welcomes the support of the U.S. Government in its effort to reform Ukraine’s customs service
11.04.2016 | 15:30

Together with the U.S. Government, the Ministry of Finance will soon launch a two-year, $4 million program, to finance advisory services to reform Ukraine’s customs service.

“We are convinced that engaging international advisors with untarnished reputations and solid experience in the management and reform of customs offices in other countries will help us dramatically enhance the integrity and performance of customs personnel in Ukraine”, Minister of Finance Natalie Jaresko said.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine continues to actively implement institutional change in key areas of the services the government provides to citizens and business. This includes eradicating opportunities for corruption and arbitrary application of regulations, primarily, in the work of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. In line with this policy, on February 11, 2016, the Finance Ministry submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers its concept for the participation of external advisors in reforming the customs service.

This aims to improve and simplify procedures for customs clearance through select transit points along our common Ukraine-EU border. The concept outlines the key tasks and objectives of the selection procedure and establishes the criteria for candidates to be hired as international advisors for the Ukrainian customs authority.


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