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PM calls on to form a new health system providing quality services to people and increase financial support for doctors
20.04.2016 | 13:30
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

Ukraine should create a new health care system that is able to provide quality health services to citizens and ensure decent funding of health employees. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman at a Government’s meeting on Wednesday, 20 April.

"We need to form a new health system that first of all provide proper services to people, and these services should be available, on the other hand, doctors should be on an entirely different level in terms of financial support," said Volodymyr Groysman. "What we have as a health care system does not suit the citizens of Ukraine."

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that such a reform can be carried out if the system is properly organized. "The most important thing is to form a model and follow it," he stressed.

However, Volodymyr Groysman noted it unacceptable to procure centralized medical equipment with corrupt purposes. The Prime Minister emphasized that centralized procurement of equipment should not hinge on what we want to purchase but only be based on real needs. "We have to identify our needs, transfer resources, provide funding from local budgets, if necessary, in order to ensure responsibility for the use of the funds and then we will have no problems," he said.

In this regard, the Prime Minister instructed Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko to analyze information on centralized procurement of medical equipment.


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