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Lilia Hrynevych presented a New Ukrainian School concept: We don't need to adjust the system, we should achieve new results instead
18.08.2016 | 16:46

The concept titled A New Ukrainian School – the ideology of the reform of secondary education, which will be introduced in 2018, was presented by Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych today, 18 August 2016, during a pedagogical conference at the House of the Government that was dedicated to considering the results of development of preschool, general secondary, extracurricular and vocational education in 2015/2016 academic year and tasks for 2016/2017 academic year.

“Our goal is to provide access to quality education for each child. The success of Ukraine is in the capacity to build an educated society, because every child, regardless of his/her abilities, has the right to be successful in life, to realize his/her own abilities in full which high quality education can offer,” stressed Lilia Hrynevych.

The Minister noted that the reform aims to raise the competitiveness of graduates in the 21st century - to make them well-rounded, capable of critical thinking, be integrated personality, a patriot with active attitude, innovator, capable of changing the world and lifelong learning.

A formula of the new Ukrainian school contains 8 basic components:

1. New curriculum, based on the formation of competencies necessary to ensure successful realization of personal potential in the society.

2. Pedagogy based on partnership among student, teacher and parent.

3. Motivated teacher who has the freedom of creativity and improves his professionalism.

4. Focus on the needs of pupil in the educational process, child centrism.

5. Entwined upbringing process, which generates values.

6. New structure of school, enabling to effectively absorb new knowledge and to acquire competences necessary in life.

7. Decentralization and effective management that will provide real autonomy to schools.

8. Equitable distribution of public funds, thus providing equal access for all children to quality education.

The educational process will be an integral part of the entire learning process and focus on universal values. Formation of a character is possible only through experience. The entire life of the new school will be organized following a model of respect for human rights and democracy.


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