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Pavlo Rozenko: Reforming the healthcare system is among the priorities of the Government for 2017
10.10.2016 | 17:04

In 2017 the Government is planning to implement a number of steps to launch a comprehensive healthcare reform. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko announced on October 10, during an extended presentation of the reforms in the health sector with the participation of representatives of regional state administrations, Kyiv municipal state administration, city mayors, and heads of healthcare departments.

"The issues of health protection are included into topmost objectives for the Government and the entire society requires a real change for better. There is no time for long discussions anymore," he said.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, at the beginning of 2017 it is planned to implement a series of measures to improve the quality and availability of medical services for each individual, which comprise: the reform of primary health care and creating a basis for the development of family medicine, the introduction of reference prices for medicines and a mechanism of partial compensation of cost of drugs to cure certain diseases that will make medications more affordable for patients, the approval of medical treatment protocols and the introduction of elements of insurance medicine.

"The need to introduce medical insurance in Ukraine has already been discussed for over 10 years. But a system that can provide an additional resource to the healthcare sector and allow personalize a system of medical care, hasn’t been established till now", stressed Pavlo Rozenko.

"There are a lot of models, there have been registered three bills in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, debate ongoing. So, the Ministry of Health should offer a consolidated vision of health insurance to ensure elements of insurance medicine start operation from 2017, we should enact a law, at least", said Pavlo Rozenko.


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