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Decentralization reform to lead communities to success, says Prime Minister
05.12.2016 | 12:33

A reform of devolution of powers and consolidation of territorial communities of Ukraine should prolong and develop, thereby ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of the communities in the country. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in his opening statement at the International Mayors Congress on Monday.

"We should move ahead. We must fight for this reform, as this reform will eventually lead you to success. Your success is measured by very specific things – satisfaction with quality of life in your communities. It is very important for us not to leave the chosen path," said Volodymyr Groysman appealing to mayors.

The Prime Minister stressed that since the beginning of the decentralization reforms in Ukraine there had been made the following achievements: devolved finance, powers and provided opportunities for the communities to develop.

Hence, by now in Ukraine there have been formed 184 consolidated communities, another 184 CCs have scheduled elections for 11 and 18 December. "The process is in progress and no one can stop that," said the Head of Government.

He noted that communities that had decided to unite remain independent and preserve their territory, but get the financial resource to raise the efficiency in solving problems urgent for their community. Thus, the budgets of certain consolidated communities in Ukraine have increased sevenfold.

"This means that they obtain money to be effective, to create normal conditions for education, for healthcare, to build roads, upgrade local infrastructure, create additional services that improve the quality of life", noted the Prime Minister.

In the Budget for 2017 the Government has planned to preserve financial decentralization, said Volodymyr Groysman. In this regard, he stressed that along with increase of financing there should grow the powers and responsibility of local authorities. "It is impossible that we have devolved finance down but powers remained in the centre," said the PM.

The Head of Government reminded that he had initiated the power decentralization reform since the current Government had assumed office in 2014. The first document that triggered the reform was a concept of local governance reform that contained the main objectives of the reform, such as: devolution of authority, resources and responsibilities down to the local level.

There has also been initiated a process of voluntary consolidation of territorial communities due to the adoption of appropriate law, thus ensuring self-reliance in communities.

According to him, efficient local governance is the basis for any democratic and developed country.

The Head of Government urged the mayors to remain leaders, be innovative and implement best practices that will be evaluated by people.

"In the center of all the processes is the person who elects us, who trusts us and wants to get the result. Anyone who votes for us invests into changes in his life," stressed Volodymyr Groysman in his remark to city mayors.

"I have always been and still remain an absolute supporter of power decentralization in Ukraine and the strengthening of local governance towards being effective, responsible and open", assured the Prime Minister.


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