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The U.S. Congress passes NDAA, 2017 boosting U.S. security assistance to Ukraine to USD 350 mln
09.12.2016 | 11:01

U.S. Senate has finalized consideration and following the House passed the consolidated National Defense Authorizations Act, 2017.

According to the bill, from amounts authorized to be provided for security assistance to Ukraine, including lethal assistance, up to USD 350 mln shall be available for fiscal year 2017, a USD 50 mln increase from USD 300 mln authorized in NDAA, 2016.

Ukraine security assistance and intelligence support has been expanded to include equipment and technical assistance to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine for the purpose of developing a comprehensive border surveillance network for Ukraine, as well as training for staff officers and senior leadership of the military.

The document is now headed for signing by the U.S. President.

We appreciate the bicameral and bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress for Ukraine in our fight against the ongoing Russian aggression.


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