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PM assures all services to support life in the town operating and power supplies be restored
31.01.2017 | 15:25

After heat and water supplies stopped as a result of shelling in Avdiyivka a headquarters has been deployed and each possible scenario elaborated. All services to support life in the town are operating at the location until power supplies restored. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in his opening address during a roundtable discussion dedicated to priorities in education and science to include in the Medium-Term Plan of Priority Actions for the Government until 2020 on Tuesday.

"All the services are operating, relevant headquarters deployed, all possible scenarios developed. It is clear that it is a huge challenge for us. But we will spare no effort to settle the situation which has occurred", promised the Head of Government.

The Prime Minister told that shelling by militants of Avdiyivka being home to about 25 thousand people, over the last few days had resulted into termination of heating and water supplies to the town.

 "Starting yesterday and the whole night we have been working to organize everything necessary to maintain the situation, operation of all systems at least at a minimum level. The situation remains difficult, but today there are all the resources and chances to restore power supply. It takes time, but the most important thing is the cease - fire. We understand that all these actions are deliberate and appear the crime against people who are innocent and victims of aggression Ukraine has been suffering from for the third year by the Russian Federation, its troops and mercenaries", emphasized Volodymyr Groysman.

The activities on restoring energy and water supplies on the territory of Avdiyivka will start as soon as a ceasefire observed, added the Prime Minister.

As was reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced that the Government is monitoring the situation in Avdiyivka and ready to adopt immediate decisions to provide the necessary support.

On Tuesday morning, pursuant to the commission of the Prime Minister, Hennady Zubko, the Vice Prime Minister / Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine chaired a meeting of the operational headquarters on the situation in the town.

As of morning 31 January, there were developed 6 pyrotechnic calculations made by the SES and deminers of the Ministry of Defense. According to the data of the State Emergency Service, the local authorities in collaboration with the SES teams deployed and launched 11 warming stations on the territory of Avdiyivka. Operation of 14 pre-school and secondary education institutions was temporarily suspended. There were also worked on the issues of evacuation of citizens and organized fire protection control over the coke ovens of the plant.

Police and special police forces of the Donetsk region set off to Avdiyivka, including officers of the KORD (Corps of Operatively-Rapid Action), the special purpose battalion of the criminal and preventive units of the Main National Police Department in the Donetsk region. They will perform round-the-clock duty in the town.

If necessary, the units that are performing their duties in the shelled by the militants town will be backed by reinforcements. Acting head of the National police of Ukraine Vadym Trojan ordered to prepare the reserve forces for the police in the town.

On Tuesday, a state of emergency was declared in the town. Chairman of the Donetsk civil-military administration Pavlo Zhebrivsky deployed operational headquarters, the staff of which comprises officials of the civil-military administration and the military and security forces.                        



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