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Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine on the occasion of the Day Honoring Combatants in the Territory of Other States
15.02.2017 | 09:00

Each year on February 15, Ukraine marks the Day of Honoring Combatants in the Territory of Other States and the withdrawal of troops from the Republic of Afghanistan.

28 years ago there ended a decade of war that is still the stinging pain in the hearts of Ukrainian families these days, the war in which against their will were participating about 160 thousand compatriots, and 12 thousand were maimed.

Ukraine remembers its heroes, those 3380 Ukrainians, who did not return to their homes, leaving the eternal sorrow to their families. Immortal heroism of thousands of Ukrainians will forever remain in history, the heroism demonstrated while performing their military duty.

Today in the East of Ukraine the fire of war is ablaze. Many of You stood to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity of our State, showing the examples of heroism and selfless service to the Ukrainian people. We are grateful to You for your active participation in the development of the state, public life, patriotic upbringing of the younger generation, which You are protecting and with whom you are sharing invaluable experience.

It is traditional that together with this event we honor all the combatants in the territories of other States, who worthily performed and continue to perform their professional duties and to protect humanity.

I wish You good health, peace, personal and family well-being, inspiration and strength!

Your Motherland is proud of You!



Prime Minister of Ukraine                                             Volodymyr GROYSMAN


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