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Government takes decision to switch TPPs to energy-saving mode
15.02.2017 | 19:24
INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT OF THE SECRETARIAT OF THE CMU the blockade of temporarily uncontrolled territories of Ukraine that caused an artificial shortage of anthracite coal, being the material for the production of one third electricity volumes in the country, the Government adopted a decision to introduce temporary emergency measures on the electricity market. The corresponding decision was approved today by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In thermal power plants, for which anthracite coal is essential in energy production, there will be launched special measures to economize the raw materials. That is, the Ukrainian thermal power plants are switching to energy-saving mode. As a result the workload will increase at the nuclear power stations and thermal power plants that use a different group of coal.

The introduction of emergency measures on the electricity market does not mean automatic electricity and heat cutoffs for the population. The Government will spare no effort to minimize any negative consequences for Ukrainian citizens. Rotating power cuts in Ukrainian houses are possible in extreme cases and the Government will inform the population about that in advance.

The Ukrainian Government counts on the national consciousness of the initiators of the so-called "coal blockade", on their understanding of the consequences of such actions. As further blocking of railway networks poses serious economic and social threats to Ukraine.

These are not only coal mining companies located in the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Ukraine, but steel companies as well that pay into the State budget of the country significant amount of taxes, being the source of wages and pensions. Stoppage of Ukrainian iron and steel works would entail considerable reduction of foreign currency flows into the country and jeopardize the stability of the Ukrainian currency.

Moreover, in the case of stopping the thermal power plants through an artificially created shortage of anthracite coal hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian families would be without heat and electricity in the middle of winter. Through the de-energizing of water providing companies towns would appear in a state of humanitarian catastrophe. If the pipes with water in them freeze, they will break so it would be necessary to replace the entire water supply system on the ground.

On conditions of military aggression of the Russian Federation, creating additional stressful situations for people is unacceptable. Therefore, the Government that works primarily in the interests of Ukrainian citizens to ensure their homes provided with heat and electricity, once again appeals to the initiators of the blockade with the demand to act with good sense and think about the economic and social consequences of such actions for Ukraine.





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