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Cabinet of Ministers cancels about 100 different acts that hamper making business
10.03.2017 | 12:08

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, at a meeting on Friday, adopted a decision to abolish about 100 legislative acts, which today have no legal grounds and hamper the process of making business in Ukraine.

Within 2 months ministries and other authorities can provide motivation for reinstatement of these normative legal acts.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said he had had in recent days several meetings with representatives of Ukrainian and foreign businesses.

"Everyone is complaining about those ridiculous regulations hindering economic growth and slowing down investment in Ukraine. This means that the due environment in different areas has not yet been established", he stressed.

However, entrepreneurs noted the positive effect produced by certain steps taken by the Government.

Namely, at the end of 2016, in the framework of ‘the deregulation day’ the Government canceled more than three hundred ordinances and regulations that restricted business activities in Ukraine.

"Experts calculated that 367 acts make up 3 thousand pages of various regulations and requirements that the Ukrainian business must abide by, the business that works in Ukraine. Just imagine how much time it will take you to read them, then to implement, and not to make mistakes, because each mistake can be unpleasant with the view to punitive sanctions", said Volodymyr Groysman.

He noted that after the cancellation of regulatory acts there had been fixed a period for concerned ministries and authorities to appeal and resume their effect. "There haven’t been received any appeal", stressed the Head of Government.

The development of the national economy is among topmost priorities for the Government, emphasized the Prime Minister.

"Our challenge is - at the moment when there are a lot of people who want to block our economic development, to block our country’s economy, destroy it from the outside and inside - just to work more vigorously to preserve the economic upturn", he underscored.


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