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Twenty-fifth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Belgium
10.03.2017 | 17:45

Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Belgium.

Belgium had been one of the first countries that believed in the independent Ukraine.

Within these years, Ukraine and Belgium have become reliable partners and built up a dynamic political and inter-parliamentary dialogue.

Mutual support has become a bright feature of the Ukrainian-Belgian partnership.

Dynamic cultural exchange helps us to better learn each other as well as promotes rapprochement of our nations and enrichment of our cultures.

Sharing common values of freedom, democracy and respect for international law, Ukraine and Belgium cooperate in multilateral formats in order to address the common challenges, especially in the spheres of counter-terrorism and human rights.

Ukraine highly appreciates the principled and unwavering position of Belgium on restoring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country within its internationally recognized borders.

Today Ukrainians defend their European future, working on reformation and modernization of the Ukrainian state. In our convergence with Europe, we rely on solidarity and support of our Belgian partners. Our partnership is an integral part of Ukraine's relations with the EU.

Built on mutual trust, the relations between Ukraine and Belgium will further strengthen and acquire new dimensions for the rule of shared values in the united Europe and all over the world.


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