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Statement of Gov't members on the latest developments around blocking the movement of goods across the line of demarcation
15.03.2017 | 13:59

The initiators of the events of recent weeks have been trying to split the society and jeopardize the signs of economic recovery which we have observed lately.

Under the allegedly patriotic slogans they imposed a blockade, which in fact has already caused significant damage to the country.

We are building a State based on the rule of law, and we consider the only possible way to counteract lawless action should be legal measures.

In this situation the law enforcement agencies acted in full compliance with the decision of the National Defence and Security Council dated 16 February 2017 and norms of the current legislation. Their acts were professional and caused no harm.

Despite the fact that the use of weapons was highly probable, law enforcement officers showed restraint and prevented worsening of the conflict.

The Government has endeavoured to get out of last year's crisis, and considers that recession is unacceptable. Ukraine, despite all the challenges, must follow the way of regaining its independence. Energy independence is among our core priorities and we are committed to make further steps to achieve our goal.


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