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Quantity of procedures on ProZorro soares by 550% since August 2016
01.08.2017 | 15:53

August 1, 2017 marks a year since complete transition on e-purchases through ProZorro public procurement platform was introduced.

ProZorro analysts calculated that over the year the performance has improved by 550% and the number of procedures increased to 991.5 thousand. Over 18,000 new customers (government authorities, state or municipal enterprises) joined the electronic open source system. The number of participants (enterprises or individual entrepreneurs who joined at least one tender) upped by 384%, and the amount of announced bids soared almost tenfold from UAH 75 billion to UAH 725 billion.

"I congratulate the ProZorro team on this success and assure we won’t rest on our laurels. We are working on a new Law on below-threshold purchases, which is aimed to enhance availability of data regaridng all purchases in the e-system. We want all bids to take place through ProZorro in the future and, at the same time, we plan to simplify the procedures of below-threshold bids for public contracting authorities. We are also engaged in a pilot project of Central Procurement Organization, to which state authorities can delegate their typical purchases", explains Maxim Nefyodov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

Director of the State Enterprise ProZorro Vasyl Zadvorny in turn says: "Now, we are awaiting a series of legislative changes that can add the necessary foundation for the electronic system. In particular, the issue of development of services for supervisory authorities is being discussed. The task of the system is to make all public procurement processes as transparent as possible, and it is vital to provide people who make managerial decisions with sufficient information in an easy-to-use form. "


Starting August 1, 2016, all tenders that exceed the threshold figures (from UAH 200 thousand for goods and services and from UAH 1.5 million - for work) should be conducted through ProZorro. The public contracting authorities (government agency, state or municipal enterprise) must download the tender documentation in ProZorro, thereby announcing a bid. Potential participants can communicate with the customer on-line, discuss details, ask questions and while the customer is obliged to respond. Participants submit their tender offers through the system and then take part in the auction. After determining the winner, the customer is also requested to download the text of the contract with the supplier into the system. And due to integration with the E-Data portal and the .007 project, in the ProZorro there has recently been launched a function to track the payment of the contract, if it is done through the State Treasury.


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