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Pension reform stipulates for mechanisms to support vulnerable groups
01.08.2017 | 17:39

On August 1, during a briefing at the Government House titled "Prospects for the introduction of the pension reform", Deputy Minister of Social Policy Mykola Shambir informed about the categories of citizens involved in special work environment and for whom the effect of special working conditions for the assigning of pensions will be prolonged.

The pension reform envisages the abolition of special regimes of pension provision, in particular for civil servants and prosecutors, however this step will not apply to those categories of citizens that objectively require special attention and support from the state.

"Thus, the privileged conditions on retirement remain for combatants, for Chernobyl victims, as well as for employees falling into list 1 and list 2, for women who brought up 5 children or raised children with disabilities. In addition, such privileges remain unchanged for people having growth functions disabilities. This is practically the whole list of those categories for whom the conditions for retirement remain invariable", said Mykola Shambir.

He specified that privileged conditions for the retirees that fall into list 1 and list 2 (hazardous employment) will be provided at the expense of enterprises. This step shall encourage employers to improve working conditions for employees, and guarantee relevant retirement conditions and payments. Compliance with employee rights on the part of the state will be provided by the State Employment Service, promptly responding to complaints containing violations.


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