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Things are going quite well in Ukraine, results of visit of European Parliament's delegation to Ukraine
21.09.2017 | 11:11

The European Union commends the progress of reforms in Ukraine and expresses commitment to fully support our country in prolonging internal transformations, the protection of territorial integrity and deepening of trade cooperation. Such arrangements were made during a meeting of the European Parliament delegation headed by Member of the European Parliament Dariusz Rosati with Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman.

The Head of Government of Ukraine stressed that the entry into force of the Association Agreement with the EU from September 1 will allow the sides to intensify work along several directions, such as: to expand trade relations through applying additional tools aimed to boost exports to the European market, to facilitate Ukraine’s participation in various EU projects, to strengthen the institutional capacity of the authorities in our country, as well as to coordinate positions on certain problematic issues.

"I want to express gratitude for steady attention to Ukraine and for your comprehensive support for the restoration of our territorial integrity... It is very important that our meeting is taking place in September when the Association Agreement came into force. It is also crucial for us to fully abide by the provisions," said Volodymyr Groysman.

During the meeting, the Head of Ukraine’s Government also briefed the European parliamentarians on the situation in the east of Ukraine, but stressed that despite the current challenges and threats to the security, Ukraine is steady following the path of reforms.

"Today, September 21, we have a rather responsible day, when we can achieve the approval in the Parliament of two reforms – the judicial reform and a large scale pension reform. Tomorrow we will present in Parliament the draft state budget for 2018. Till the end of the year, we have very ambitious plans: large scale privatization, and a number of laws aimed to ensure economic growth ... Our agenda is hard," emphasized Volodymyr Groysman.

In this regard, the Head of Government reminded that the progress of reforms had already been noted by leading rating agencies and investors, there is huge demand for bonds recently placed on the domestic market.

On his part, Dariusz Rosati emphasized that his colleagues had already visited the east of Ukraine to get familiar with the situation and to show solidarity with the people living in conflict-affected areas of Ukraine and the EP is caring about them.  

I congratulate you on the achievements so far. When we met last time in May you told then that the priority for your Government is to implement the 5 major reforms and I am glad to hear that some of them are very close to the implementation. So we are on our way to Brussels, we have to report the European Parliament that things are going quite well,” said Dariusz Rocati, “I want to assure you of the EU support for Ukraine. We are ready to provide more support and we are interested to deepen our friendly relations”.  


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