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Olexandr Sayenko announces international community commends reducing bureaucracy and better transparency of government policymaking
28.09.2017 | 14:57

In the Global Competitiveness Report published recently by the World Economic Forum Ukraine has improved its performance in the Global Competitiveness Index ranking.

"Over the past year, Ukraine has risen by 4 points in the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum", noted Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Olexandr Sayenko.

"I’m pleased to stress that Ukraine competitive landscape was assessed as improving, among other things, due to positive changes in the system of public administration, in particular:

- government procedures were excluded from the list of top 5 problems for business;

- we have risen from 99th to 65th position in the transparency of government policymaking index.

According to the assessment of work of institutions, we have demonstrated progress – the scorecard for our country has upped by 12 positions over the past 2 years," he said.

"To achieve this result, we have done an incredible amount of work, but the most essential thing is that we have been working to building the foundation for change but not to get better scores.

Ultimately, a long-term result is crucial. Moreover, I expect that transition to a medium-term budget planning and the reform of the state administration, in particular, shaping of an effective regulatory system will facilitate to speed up the growth of recent years. The process of erecting strong institutions, on which we have already embarked, will bring the most tangible result in the future," he added.


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