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Prime Minister announces over 9 million seniors to see pension raise in October, while pension worth UAH 949 to become history
04.10.2017 | 11:40

The adoption by the Parliament of Ukraine of a Government’s pension reform will allow over 9 million pensioners to get higher superannuation already in October, while taxes on pensions for working pensioners will be abolished. At that, the current retirement age will be preserved and automatic pension recalculation introduced – beyond any political arrangements. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced on opening the Government's sitting on Wednesday, October 4.

“I would like to congratulate everyone on the adoption by Parliament of a pension reform. It has been long awaited by senior citizens. This is a vital decision. Yesterday we laid the foundation for a fair pension system. This was rather difficult path, and I want to thank all those who participated in the process,” said the Head of Government, “Already in October, the new system will provide an opportunity to raise pensions for more than 9 million retirees."

The Head of Government stressed that starting October 1, the minimum pension will make up UAH 1452. "The pension amounting UAH 949 will become history," the Prime Minister highlighted, adding that the basis for pension calculation makes up UAH 3764, and more than 1.1 million pensioners would receive over UAH 1,000 surplus to their pensions. "And it will be transferred to an automatic mode. Politicians will no longer influence (the decision to raise pensions)," summed up Volodymyr Groysman.


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