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Prime Minster claims revaluation of pensions be made in October
05.10.2017 | 11:23

Passage of the pension reform through the Parliament of Ukraine, that prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the assistance of the President of Ukraine and the expert community, allows the Government to start practical realization of all initiatives, and therefore it is crucial to speed up activities on the ground to ensure pensioners receive the recalculated superannuation in October. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a dedicated teleconference.

“Ukrainian Parliament approved the reform of the pension system, its goal is to create a fair pension scheme. We have an unprecedented number of votes in support, hence now we switch to the practical implementation of the decisions. This is a comprehensive work and the deadlines are tight. I would request to organize proper work, to inform each senior about the size of the improved pension and to make all necessary recalculation for October month,” the Head of Government stressed, “I remind you that we are introducing automatic indexation of pensions annually. Starting October the minimum pension amounts to UAH 1452”.

Participants of the meeting also heard a report by Andrii Reva, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, who outlined the key areas of the reform, the rules for revaluation of pensions.

The Minister emphasized that special attention should be paid to carrying out all necessary activities in the areas adjacent to uncontrolled territories, where a significant amount of retirees – former miners and metallurgists – live whose pensions will be directly affected by the raise. “I won’t rule out a possibility that militants can make any attempt to legalize themselves in pension fund and social protection bodies. I would ask all concerned to follow up this issue jointly with law enforcement agencies," stressed Andrii Reva.

Head of the Pension Fund Olexii Zarudny for his part noted that the planned recalculation of pensions is the most substantial in the entire independence history. “The Pension Fund has the resource to make such readjustment. It makes up UAH 26 billion,” told Olexii Zarudny, “Those beneficiaries who will happen to obtain their pensions of an ‘old rate’ will have their shortfall paid until October 25. All the Pension Fund bodies have been tasked with providing seniors with information about new pension rates. Revaluation of pensions is constantly monitored”.


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