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Prime Minister: Government kicks off the process of pension rise
10.10.2017 | 11:17

The legislative framework of the new pension system has been signed and published and will come into force tomorrow - October 11, claimed Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in his video address.

«This means that starting from tomorrow (October 11) we will launch the process of raising pensions», asserted the Head of Government.

Volodymyr Groysman emphasized that the decision on pension reform was a matter of honour and added that he struggled to make the reform to become a reality.

According to the Prime Minister, it was intolerable to accept existing situation in Ukraine and to pretend that everything is normal. «For me personally it was a matter of honour to start a process of restoring justice and respect to people who had worked all life and hoped to get decent superannuation. For years, politicians have been giving nothing but promises, which led only to disappointment. Thus, we have to spare no effort in order to make Ukraine's policy responsible, so that before taking every decision, we have to think about how people will live tomorrow. Therefore, I am glad that we managed to approve such a landmark decision (on pension reform)», noted the Prime Minister.

Moreover, he stressed that the core objective for the Government is to improve the standard of living of people. «Ukrainians have suffered a lot. The country ought to finally become successful in order for people to feel changes, to increase incomes, and to change the quality of life. I think it's a reality. I know that we will continue to win», the Prime Minister underlined.


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