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Stepan Poltorak: We plan to increase financial resource for modernization and acquisition of new equipment
11.10.2017 | 10:00

In order to be the best, we need financial resource, capabilities of defence industry and to continue army reforms. And we do it,” General Poltorak stressed at the XIV International specialized exhibition ‘Arms and Security — 2017’ held in Kyiv.

Concerning reforms, in 2016, we executed all the scheduled activities. Concerning budgeting, in 2017, we got UAH 69 billion. In 2018, the budget might be considerably increased. And the most important thing that we will increase the financial resource for modernization and acquisition of new equipment,” the Minister informed the media.

He underlined that the acquisition planning would be started after the reception of the financial resource.

Today, we preliminarily know our needs and the items which can be provided by our partners, but the final decision will be taken after the final reception of the resource,” Gen. Poltorak remarked.

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