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Volodymyr Groysman: We embark on reshaping the healthcare system for the benefit of the citizens
19.10.2017 | 11:40

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has supported the decisions drafted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, those initiating a medical reform in Ukraine, inter alia in terms of financing the sector and providing public guarantees for the provision of medical services and medicines. So, the government bill No. 6327 "On State Financial Guarantees for the Provision of Medical Services and Medicines", which has been considered in the session hall for three days, was voted for as a whole by 240 MPs.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, who was in the Parliament's hall during the vote, thanked the parliamentarians for adopting a "landmark" decision for Ukraine. "Our challenge is to reshape our national healthcare system into a qualitative one... Hence, today we embark on a great work – trigger a change of the healthcare system for the benefit of the citizens," said the Head of Government.

The parliamentarians also backed technical amendments to the Budget Code, which would allow the introduction of the approved initiatives. Commenting on the decision, acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Uliana Suprun noted that, in the first place, it means the introduction of a money-follow-patient principle with a transitional period until 2020, as well as fixing the role of the state and local budgets in the healthcare system. Therefore, it will enable a competition for patients, and the quality of services in medical institutions be improved. It will also afford to abandon a manual financial management practice and introduce decent salary for doctors.


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