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Volodymyr Kistion: Ukraine is reducing the demand for anthracite
11.12.2017 | 17:15

For the second consecutive month Ukraine’s TPP have been demonstrating a decrease in the consumption of anthracite coal by 300 thousand tons. Such performance allows the country to meet the annual target of use of anthracite up to 5 million tons, which is almost half less than last year. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion announced.

According to him, if in November of 2016 Ukraine utilized 806 thousand tons of anthracite coal, in November of 2017 the consumption was cut to 532 thousand tons.

"If year-on-year we consumed more than 9 million tons of A coal, on the outcomes of 2017 this showing will be about 5 million tons. This was made possible by the Government's involvement in the transfer of units of Ukrainian TPPs from anthracite to the gas coal", explained the Vice Prime Minister.

He added that the Government sees as a strategic challenge next year to increase domestic mining gas coal.

"Last week, the Government created a National Coal Company, which comprises more than thirty state-owned mines. The following step is the appointment of management, which should determine those mines that are promising and require a financial resource to be invested for their modernization. By launching this process, we will have a chance to reduce expenses for maintaining loss-making mines to the tune of UAH 1.5 billion per year. This would free up the resource for upgrading of coal enterprises aimed to boost production of Ukrainian gas coal", summed up Volodymyr Kistion.


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