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Resources are used efficiently on the ground, claims Hennadii Zubko
05.01.2018 | 11:43

In 2017, the effectiveness of using funds by local government increased, and the amount of unused funds on the ground diminished. This conclusion gives us a comparison of the growth rates of local budgets and balances on treasury accounts of the local governments on the outcomes of the year. Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko wrote on Facebook page.

"In 2017, local budget revenues amounted to UAH 192 billion and increased by UAH 45.4 billion that is 31% higher as compared with 2016. Financial decentralization is increasing year by year. Thus, in 2014 revenues made up a sum worth 70.2 billion UAH, in 2015 - 99.8 billion UAH, 2016 - 146, 6 billion UAH, and in 2017 - already 192 billion UAH", the Vice Prime Minister underscored.

Local governments, having received authority and funding, should stay focused on the implementation of ambitious projects in its amalgamated communitie  as well as on financial discipline, that is, to ensure the efficient use of resources in the interests of its communities, and thus to take responsibility. This is the critical result of decentralization," Hennadii Zubko emphasized.

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