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English Court of Appeal reserves judgment in proceedings regarding the so-called Russian debt until a later date
29.01.2018 | 10:14

Today saw the conclusion of the hearing of Ukraine’s appeal to the English Court of Appeal against the summary judgment decision made in favour of Russia’s Trustee, in the case concerning the $3 billion Eurobonds purportedly issued by Ukraine in December 2013, by the English High Court in March 2017.

Over 5 days of legal argument, Ukraine’s legal team conveyed Ukraine’s strong legal arguments to the learned and highly experienced tribunal of three Appeal Justices.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the judges reserved their judgment until a later date. The results of the appeal proceedings will be announced after the English Court of Appeal hands down its judgment.

Ukraine puts its faith in the English legal process and remains confident of achieving a positive outcome in the proceedings, which are themselves brought at Russia’s behest in pursuit of a broader strategy of unlawful and illegitimate aggression by Russia against Ukraine. Ukraine reaffirms its commitment to standing firm in the face of this aspect of Russia’s aggression until the full conclusion of the legal process.


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