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PM: We paved the way to the creation of a new Ukraine
14.02.2018 | 12:30

The policy offered by the Government, which focuses on ensuring economic upturn and reforming industry and social sphere, is a way towards the creation of a new and strong Ukraine respected in the world, claimed Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman. Today, on February 14, the Head of Government presented a report on the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2017 and singled out the key reform directions in 2018.

The Prime Minister placed a special emphasis on the priority towards creation a new quality of public administration with the maximum use of digital infrastructure, deepening decentralization and targeted and effective use of state resources, especially budget funds, for the implementation of the government programs, inter alia Available Medicines program and transferring of land into ownership of amalgamated territorial communities.

"We managed to create almost 700 united communities and kick off efficient regional policy. We will focus on state support for regional projects," stressed the Prime Minister and recalled the priority projects are infrastructure development, the construction of new kindergartens, and the development of a network of emergency medicine. Moreover, the Head of Government emphasized all projects aimed at creating new jobs will be supported in the first turn.

The issues pertaining to the spiritual, culture and language development, the continuation of judicial reform, strengthening of security and defense sectors will remain in the focus.

"As soon as we give people a sense of security and confidence, they will return to Ukraine," the Head of Government claimed.

According to the Prime Minister, a major overhaul of the country will be continued. "We allocated a sum worth UAH 46.7 billion for the construction and repair of roads as well as funding to the tune of UAH 26 billion for the major upgrade of Ukrzaliznytsia. We created a favorable environment for doing business and for investment attraction. As a result we observe the growth of salaries and  creation of new jobs. Key tasks are high-quality public administration, decentralization, attraction of investment into the sector of state-owned enterprises, high-quality health care and education and security of citizens. These are the burning tasks, which will be in focus in 2018…We will receive dramatic and sustainable growth," Volodymyr Groysman summed up.


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