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PM initiates changes in the system of building standards for residential houses
23.02.2018 | 11:45

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman proposes to update the norms for the construction of apartment buildings and objects of urban infrastructure– similar to the way the norms of road construction were retrofitted. The Head of Government expressed this idea during a meeting with young entrepreneurs, the founders of leading Ukrainian startups.

In the course of the meeting, entrepreneurs expressed their appreciation to the Government for steps taken to deregulate the construction market, primarily in terms of obtaining building permits. The said tools gave a significant impetus to the development of the market and attraction of large investment funds. But these funds are spent on the construction of outdated apartments with norms that were issued during the Soviet period.

"We need to turn the situation around - just as we have amended the road building standards towards security and functionality. I look forward to receive proposals and I count on your expert support", the Prime Minister stressed, while appealing to entrepreneurs.


At the beginning of the year, Volodymyr Groysman proposed to hold regular meetings with young business persons in order to discuss the current situation in the economy and find ways to solve problems. The first meeting was held in January. During that meeting, the Head of Government placed an emphasis on the fact that Ukraine has ample opportunities to become a global brand, a place for the creation of an innovative product in the most promising areas as well as in new markets, which we all will be proud of.

In turn, entrepreneurs noted that Ukraine can become a leader on many new markets, because it has the notable successes. Such achievements include the use of drones, primarily in the field of agribusiness, the online education market, including education for civil servants. Ukrainian on-line decentralization course, implemented on one of the national educational platforms, was one of the most popular in the world. At present, similar courses on cybersecurity and the use of ProZorro systems are being shaped. Equally important issues are developments in the mining system and use of neurotechnologies.




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