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Government approved the State Social Program on Providing Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men up to 2021
11.04.2018 | 13:35

Implementation of the Program on providing Equal Rights and Opportunities for women and men up to 2021 shall promote a principle of equality of women and men in the priority areas of social and economic development in Ukraine, effective resolution of problems and the elimination of gender imbalances with a clear focus on human rights.

The program takes into account the recommendations of the UN, the Council of Europe, the European Union, the OSCE, international monitoring institutions in the field of human rights, as well as the provisions of international treaties, in particular the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

The program determines the essential objectives aimed to increase the level of observance of the principle of providing equal rights and opportunities for women and men in all spheres of life of the Ukrainian society. In particular, it stipulates for the following:

improvement of the regulatory framework;

taking into account the gender component in economic and social development programs;

improvement of a mechanism of carrying out gender-legal expertise;

extending of the list of statistical indicators, differentiated by gender;

reduction of gender imbalance in the areas of civil service and human resources management (in particular, the development and introduction of training courses for civil servants and officials of local self-government bodies on the issues of equal rights and opportunities for women and men);

improvement of mechanisms for the implementation of the right to protection against gender-related discrimination;

including a gender component to the reform program.

In the implementation of the Program, in addition to state authorities and local self-governments, it is envisaged to involve international organizations and public associations the activities of which are aimed at ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men.


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