Volodymyr Hroysman: We must be ready to any scenario in solving gas crisis
19.06.2014 | 19:02
Press service of Ministry of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Communal Services

The Crisis energy headquarters was set up by the Government through the challenges that need peculiar management system and its goal is to find all possible ways to ensure proper functioning of fuel and energy complex of the country, especially in autumn and winter period. The head of the headquarters, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Communal Services Volodymyr Hroysman said during a briefing at Ukrainian Crisis media center.

 “Today we must be prepared to any development of the scenario in settlement gas crisis, as it lies not at the economic but at the policy level. A draft law has been designed which stipulates introduction of the state of emergency in energy sector, but it is pending approval by the Parliament that should determine the time and conditions under which the state of emergency will be declared,” Volodymyr Hroysman explained.

Moreover, he added that the Crisis energy headquarters has as its goals solving the following problems: accumulation of gas in storages, reduction in gas consumption, improvement of domestic gas potential, replacement of gas by alternative kinds of fuel, maintenance of reverse gas supplies from Europe etc. The Vice Premier emphasized launch of all necessary measures “is a long term process, but the country should pass this way”.

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