українська російська англійська
30.08.2016 | 12:40
Prime Minister demands high-quality preparation for the heating season
29.08.2016 | 19:41
Volodymyr Groysman: Government is elaborating a solution to root out a scheme of pressure while connecting enterprises to the power grid
29.08.2016 | 17:23
Volodymyr Groysman: Government is engaged in preparations to introduce Ukraine's international trade support mechanisms
29.08.2016 | 17:07
Prime Minister: The common task for the President, Parliament, Government is to ensure improvement in living standards
29.08.2016 | 16:21
Volodymyr Groysman believes that the interaction between the Investment Support Office and the newly established National Investment Council will give impetus to the development of the national economy
29.08.2016 | 15:05
Minister of Social Policy: Our objective is 12 minutes for the provision of social and administrative services and under half an hour to be spent in a transparent office
26.08.2016 | 12:09
Hennadii Zubko: Ukraine is preparing an investment proposal for China to cooperate in housing construction and mortgage lending
23.08.2016 | 10:55
Ministry of Finance proposes to revise the minimal alcohol prices
22.08.2016 | 14:34
Council for Financial Stability urges to lay ground to resume credit supply for the economy
22.08.2016 | 12:28
Lilia Hrynevych awarded winners of competition "Best teacher of the Ukrainian language abroad"
20.08.2016 | 11:32
Deputy Ministers and heads of central executive bodies undergo training to use e-Asset Declaration System
17.08.2016 | 15:32
Harvesting of early crops almost completed in Ukraine
16.08.2016 | 17:44
Volodymyr Omelian: The quality of road repairs is number one issue
16.08.2016 | 12:12
Ministry of Finance engages public to improve its explanations on tax regulations
12.08.2016 | 16:45
In August, the Cabinet of Ministers engaged in the preparation of a package of government bills to submit for the second session of the Parliament
12.08.2016 | 11:37
Hennadii Zubko: Government of Germany is ready to co-finance Energy Efficiency Fund
12.08.2016 | 10:52
Results of July on the E-Data portal: some of the cities are getting to 100% performance in registering entities managing public funds
11.08.2016 | 14:50
Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine with support of partners from Canada sets up Project Office for Sectoral Decentralization
11.08.2016 | 12:29
Single Window system launched at Ukrainian customs
11.08.2016 | 11:16
Statement of the Ministry of Finance on pending salaries to coal-miners
11.08.2016 | 09:55
Ministry of Finance presented the preliminary draft of amendments to the Tax Code
10.08.2016 | 17:14
Single Window system at the customs initiated by Volodymyr Groysman is ready to provide service to enterprises
09.08.2016 | 17:40
Action Plan for 2016 - 2017 to implement the Strategy for overcoming poverty approved
09.08.2016 | 09:31
Land share is not an obstacle for a subsidy
09.08.2016 | 09:15
By the beginning of the new Parliament's session Government in synergy with Advisors Leszek Balcerowicz and Ivan Miklos to elaborate package of legislative initiatives to support economic growth
08.08.2016 | 13:24
Volodymyr Groysman: Government is engaged in elaborating solutions to provide decent wages and increase pensions
08.08.2016 | 12:59
Volodymyr Groysman announces about the beginning of establishment of an Investment Promotion Office and appoints a Commissioner for investment
05.08.2016 | 10:41
Pavlo Rozenko: We predict that the increase in social standards will overrate inflation this year
04.08.2016 | 11:21
Hennadii Zubko: The local budgets already have resources for infrastructure and social projects
28.07.2016 | 14:35
Single Window to be launched at the customs on August 1