українська російська англійська
22.09.2017 | 11:09
Government eager to boost extraction of Ukrainian coal on conditions of complete labour safety for miners
21.09.2017 | 19:15
Prime Minister about pension reform: An opportunity to adopt changes exists, I urge everyone to unite for the people's benefit
21.09.2017 | 18:02
EEF resource to amount to UAH 1,200 million in 2018
21.09.2017 | 16:00
Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry: Information disclosure in line with the EITI requirements opens up opportunity for the companies to enter the Ukrainian market
20.09.2017 | 17:11
Ukraine has all chances to enter TOP-40 in the Doing Business ranking, says Volodymyr Groysman
20.09.2017 | 12:38
Cabinet of Ministers approved e-government development concept
20.09.2017 | 12:17
Among the pillars of 2018 draft budget are economic upswing, building of productive capacities, creating workplaces and wage increase
20.09.2017 | 11:45
Government to pursue the policy towards energy independence and demonopolization of the energy sector, assures Prime Minister
20.09.2017 | 11:23
Stepan Kubiv: The trade turnover between Ukraine and Moldova has increased by almost 35% in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016
19.09.2017 | 13:28
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine announces pricing on $3bn Eurobond issue
19.09.2017 | 12:11
Head of Government during a meeting with experts: We offer the country the budget of economic development and stand ready for dialogue
18.09.2017 | 14:08
Prime Minister initiates the development of a bank support and crediting for agricultural producers program
16.09.2017 | 12:58
Exports of meat not to cut, but instead a number of decisions to reduce prices in the domestic market to be offered, assures the PM
16.09.2017 | 12:55
Prime Minister: A gas pricing formula is being reviewed in close cooperation with the IMF
14.09.2017 | 19:42
EBRD President during a meeting with the Prime Minister: Ukraine is following the right path
14.09.2017 | 13:15
Volodymyr Groysman assures constructive dialogue with business launched by the Gov't to open up the country's potential and provide rapid economic growth
13.09.2017 | 20:31
PM: The reforms we are pursuing are needed by Ukraine, not the IMF
13.09.2017 | 12:55
Cabinet of Ministers endorsed financial plan of Ukrzaliznytsia, tariffs for passenger conveyance not to rise
13.09.2017 | 12:00
Gov't approves a State Farming Development Program concept
13.09.2017 | 11:41
Visit of Ukrainian delegation headed by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko to Israel
13.09.2017 | 11:31
Volodymyr Groysman opened the Government sitting, the essential theme is support for reforms
12.09.2017 | 18:15
Successful privatization and improvement of management at state-owned companies will allow us to maintain a 6-7% economy growth per annum - Volodymyr Groysman during a meeting of the National Reform Council
12.09.2017 | 11:31
Volodymyr Groysman assures the agreed draft 2018 state budget to be presented September 15 and immediately submitted to the Parliament
12.09.2017 | 10:43
Prime Minister: The budget for road construction activities this year makes up UAH 30 billion, the next year the expenses are planned to increase up to UAH 40 billion
11.09.2017 | 15:57
Volodymyr Groysman: Ukraine and France are deepening partnership in political plane and engage in implementation of investment and energy projects
09.09.2017 | 14:31
Prime Minister on the Vinnytsia City Day: We have a great commitment to future generations - to make our country better
08.09.2017 | 15:07
MEDT of Ukraine has established Inter-ministerial Expert Group to intensify cooperation with NATO
08.09.2017 | 15:00
Prime Minister during the Transport Conference in Odessa: Ukraine has unique positioning, it's exactly the time to develop our transport potential
08.09.2017 | 13:55
Volodymyr Groysman arrives on working visit to Odessa region
08.09.2017 | 11:29
Volodymyr Groysman claims Ukraine has dispensed with Russian gas, state enterprises don't buy Russian coal