українська російська англійська
09.03.2017 | 15:18
Governmental Committee chaired by Stepan Kubiv approved the decree to boost the development of inbound tourism in Ukraine
09.03.2017 | 10:26
Minister Pavlo Klimkin held meeting with Assistant to the U.S. President for National Security Affairs Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster
07.03.2017 | 18:22
Land turnover policy should be developed to serve interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians through a dialogue and consultation with the society
07.03.2017 | 17:25
We call on the Parliament to dedicate one session day to considering legislative package on energy efficiency, says Hennadii Zubko
07.03.2017 | 16:33
If local authorities develop understanding of the need to invest in people's lives, they will achieve progress, says the PM
07.03.2017 | 14:14
We are open to dialogue with business and the community in solving problems in infrastructure sector, says Volodymyr Kistion about the work of the Logistics Committee under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
07.03.2017 | 10:20
Pavlo Klimkin began his visit to Washington DC with laying flowers to the monument of Taras Shevchenko
06.03.2017 | 17:31
Operation of the Stepova coalmine suspended, rescue work underway
06.03.2017 | 15:18
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin is in Washington, DC on a working visit
06.03.2017 | 10:23
Comment of the MFA of Ukraine in connection with the beginning of the hearing in the International Court of Justice concerning application of Provisional Measures in the case of Ukraine vs the Russian Federation
03.03.2017 | 17:10
The Head of the Government: We support impartial, transparent and efficient investigation into the Chairman of the State Fiscal Service
03.03.2017 | 12:32
Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration to supervise gender equality policy issues
03.03.2017 | 12:30
Pavlo Klimkin: "Germany is our main partner in fighting against Russian aggression, implementing reforms and European integration of Ukraine"
03.03.2017 | 12:06
Statement on “Russia’s on-going aggression against Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea”
02.03.2017 | 12:06
The employment system in Ukraine should stimulate the creation of jobs rather than promote unemployment, says PM
02.03.2017 | 10:50
Prime Minister: An artificially created energy blockade is the blockade against Ukraine
02.03.2017 | 10:21
The United Kingdom and Poland ready for resolute support of Ukraine
01.03.2017 | 19:22
Volodymyr Groysman discussed with heads of diplomatic missions of G7 States a progress of reforms in Ukraine
01.03.2017 | 18:15
A conference dedicated to the progress of reforms in Ukraine due in London in July with participation of Prime Minister
01.03.2017 | 12:20
Cabinet of Ministers approved a procedure for movement of goods to/from the area of anti-terror operation envisaging public control
01.03.2017 | 11:11
Pavlo Klimkin met with his Czech counterpart Lubomir Zaoralek
01.03.2017 | 10:20
Ministerial Side-event on human rights situation in Crimea was held in the framework of the 34th session of the UN Human Rights Council in the Geneva Palace of Nations
28.02.2017 | 16:48
Government to make a decision at its session tomorrow aimed to adopt a procedure for goods transportation from the temporarily uncontrolled territories in Donbas
28.02.2017 | 13:39
Prime Minister urged leaders of the blockade in Donbas to visit smelters and explain to the employees the reasons for their actions
28.02.2017 | 10:05
During his visit to Geneva Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin met with Federal Councillor, Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Didier Burkhalter
27.02.2017 | 12:39
Crimea return back to Ukraine to be recognized the most distinguished humanitarian action in history, says Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze
27.02.2017 | 10:16
Occupants continue attacking Adiyivka and its outskirts, using weapons prohibited by Minsk agreements
24.02.2017 | 16:45
Breakthrough in sectoral decentralization expected in 2017
24.02.2017 | 12:52
Establishment of the financial investigation service will enable us to create an effective tool to protect business, says Volodymyr Groysman
24.02.2017 | 10:11
Meeting in China Council for the Promotion of International Trade