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07.01.2015 | 21:54
Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Berlin met with Federal President of Germany Joachim Gauck
07.01.2015 | 18:34
In Berlin Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with Vice-Chancellor, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany Sigmar Gabriel
07.01.2015 | 13:21
Arseniy Yatsenyuk set off on a two-day official visit to Berlin
05.01.2015 | 15:34
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk is due to visit Berlin to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
31.12.2014 | 00:37
PM gives the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry a month to take control of the industry and his Ministry
30.12.2014 | 23:28
The Government will improve mechanisms to assist residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions
30.12.2014 | 22:08
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: 2015 is the year of investments from international financial institutions
30.12.2014 | 21:02
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: We are moving towards energy independence
30.12.2014 | 20:58
2015 Budget envisages UAH300 million for the development of the state border, Arseniy Yatsenyuk
30.12.2014 | 20:16
PM: Crimea was, is and remains Ukrainian territory
30.12.2014 | 19:42
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: One of the Kremlin's political ideas was the economic blockade of Ukraine
30.12.2014 | 19:29
PM: The Government this year has fulfilled the principal objectives. Now we ought to implement them
30.12.2014 | 19:20
PM: 2014 is a year of historical challenges, historical changes both in Ukraine and Europe
29.12.2014 | 11:15
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: SST fell to 16%, the state has made an incredible step and expects from business certain steps towards people
29.12.2014 | 10:22
Parliament supported 2015 State Budget
29.12.2014 | 10:22
Parliament supported 2015 State Budget
29.12.2014 | 10:18
Parliament approved the agreed by the Government and the coalition first laws of the reform package
26.12.2014 | 15:32
Aivaras Abromavicius: Global community needs positive signal from Ukraine
25.12.2014 | 12:48
Hennadii Zubko: In Ukraine neither remains indifferent to the fate of civilians in the territories temporarily controlled by the militants
25.12.2014 | 10:41
Arseniy Yatsenyuk concerning drastic changes: "Parliamentary coalition ought to find the courage to do what they promised during the election campaign"
24.12.2014 | 17:54
Arseniy Yatsenyuk appeals to political coalition forces: When it concerns vital changes for the country, everyone should assume responsibility
23.12.2014 | 18:25
Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded about shared political responsibility of Parliament, Government and President
23.12.2014 | 15:44
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The budget can be approved only after the Parliament supports the submitted by the Government core reform package
22.12.2014 | 18:01
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Gov't suggests certain steps to legalize wages and reduce tax burden on wage
22.12.2014 | 17:19
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The Government's objective is the tax equity
22.12.2014 | 16:38
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev
22.12.2014 | 09:30
SPIEGEL interview with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk
19.12.2014 | 12:57
Arseniy Yatsenyuk commissions to prepare another humanitarian cargo and ensure convoy to deliver to the territories not temporarily controlled by the government
18.12.2014 | 12:18
Vyacheslav Kyrylenko: Reform efficiency will directly depend on mutual understanding between all branches of the Ukrainian government
18.12.2014 | 10:40
Ukraine and Poland signed a Memorandum of cooperation to support local self-government reform in Ukraine