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19.12.2016 | 13:51
EU to grant €104 million to Ukraine to support public administration reform
15.12.2016 | 17:36
'We will spare no effort to enhance power decentralization reform and local governance' Prime Minister
15.12.2016 | 15:04
PM: Decentralization reform has proven that it can change the quality of life in the country
15.12.2016 | 12:42
Volodymyr Groysman stands for authority to manage lands outside settlements be transferred to consolidated communities
14.12.2016 | 13:53
Decisions taken by the Government on Wednesday are to create environment for Ukrainian children to get high quality education
13.12.2016 | 14:49
'Our objective in healthcare sector is to reform the system and to increase life expectancy' Volodymyr Groysman
13.12.2016 | 10:52
Nearly a hundred of experts together with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine develop the Roadmap for the Reform Support Team
09.12.2016 | 15:46
Adoption of law on the Road Fund is an important achievement in 2016, says Infrastructure Minister
09.12.2016 | 10:04
Ukraine’s Minister of Defence: Ministry of Defence and General Staff of Ukraine completely fulfilled 2016 Reform Plan
08.12.2016 | 15:11
Volodymyr Groysman: Regions demonstrating rapid pace of decentralization processes and voluntary amalgamation of communities will become leaders of economic development of the country
08.12.2016 | 12:25
Volodymyr Groysman presented certificates and keys from school buses to the principals of schools in Ternopil region
07.12.2016 | 13:31
Government to prolong policy to promote local governance and power decentralization, says Volodymyr Groysman
05.12.2016 | 12:39
Prime Minister urges local authorities to effectively invest the tools obtained as a result of decentralization into development of local economy
05.12.2016 | 12:33
Decentralization reform to lead communities to success, says Prime Minister
05.12.2016 | 11:11
Volodymyr Groysman: Local budgets received UAH 44 billion for 11 months in addition to the annual planned resource
24.11.2016 | 10:48
Vice Prime Minister Hennadii Zubko on a working visit to Kharkiv region
23.11.2016 | 13:26
Prime Minister pledges Government to prepare another 'package of destruction' of bylaws impeding businesses
18.11.2016 | 13:14
Volodymyr Groysman: We have managed to cut off corruption at the root in gas price formation
17.11.2016 | 17:24
Volodymyr Groysman pledges Warm Loan Program be prolonged
17.11.2016 | 13:12
Government committed to launch shortly a comprehensive healthcare reform
16.11.2016 | 14:53
Volodymyr Groysman urges authorities to make e-governance their priority in work
15.11.2016 | 20:26
Volodymyr Groysman urges to fight for Ukraine, for reforms every day
15.11.2016 | 17:57
PM tackles with the IMF mission promoting Ukraine on the reform path
15.11.2016 | 16:41
Vice Prime Minister: We should create a single educational, cultural and sports environment inside comunities
15.11.2016 | 10:08
The first 100 days of the “Single Window” operation at the Ukrainian customs: results and plans
11.11.2016 | 13:48
Prime Minister discussed with Vice-President of the EIB Vazil Hudak prospects of implementation in Ukraine of projects with European Investment Bank's participation
11.11.2016 | 12:49
7 ministries sign Memorandum on sectoral decentralization
10.11.2016 | 10:21
Volodymyr Kistion discussed with members of foreign diplomatic missions and international financial institutions in Ukraine the issues of reforming Naftogaz of Ukraine
09.11.2016 | 16:31
Establishment of independent supervisory boards in state-owned companies will ensure their beneficial impact on the domestic economy, says PM
09.11.2016 | 14:22
Prime Minister urged concerned professionals to participate in competitions for the posts of state secretaries: Come to public service and change the situation in the country