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Law and Order
31.01.2017 | 11:03
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the deteriorating situation in Donbas
20.01.2017 | 10:54
Deputy Minister for the European Integration Olena Zerkal had a briefing with representatives of the Diplomatic corps concerning recent Ukraine’s case in the International Court of Justice
19.01.2017 | 13:43
On commission of Volodymyr Groysman a bill elaborated to provide participants of Maidan events the status of war veterans
19.01.2017 | 10:21
We will actively cooperate with the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship to achieve peace in Donbas, says Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin
17.01.2017 | 14:16
Comments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the necessity of bringing to justice those find responsible of the usage of chemical weapons in Syria
04.01.2017 | 15:16
Comment of the MFA of Ukraine regarding the some French politicians’ statements on the territorial integrity of Ukraine
28.12.2016 | 15:29
Volodymyr Groysman: Government will punish severely for hikes in prices for medicines after introduction of reference pricing from 1 January
23.12.2016 | 11:46
PM urges Verkhovna Rada to consider special confiscation issues in first days of Parliament's work in January
22.12.2016 | 12:43
Statement on “Russia’s on-going aggression against Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea”
21.12.2016 | 18:14
Report of the Embassy of Ukraine on the investigation of the regrettable incident in Uman
21.12.2016 | 17:16
Head of Government commissions Interior Minister to make all efforts to identify and punish persons who desecrated synagogue in Uman
15.12.2016 | 12:42
Volodymyr Groysman stands for authority to manage lands outside settlements be transferred to consolidated communities
15.12.2016 | 10:39
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the Occasion of the Forty-Second Anniversary of the Adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution “Definition of Aggression” (3314 (XXIX))
14.12.2016 | 13:04
Prime Minister demands law enforcement system to respond to illegal operations in alcohol industry
09.12.2016 | 11:31
Volodymyr Groysman regarding law on special confiscation: It's a matter of honor for the Parliament and the Government to return the stolen $ 1.5 billion assets to state budget
30.11.2016 | 15:21
Prime Minister: The success of work of prosecution and law enforcement agencies will return the trust of people
28.11.2016 | 10:46
Statement on “Russia’s on-going aggression against Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea”
25.11.2016 | 10:40
Comment of the MFA of Ukraine regarding the attack on the National Cultural Centre of Ukraine in Moscow and desecration of the National Flag of Ukraine
15.11.2016 | 11:03
The 33rd session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights of the World Intellectual Property Organization takes place in Geneva
27.10.2016 | 11:51
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on visit of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
21.10.2016 | 12:20
Government expects the Parliament to support enhancement of responsibility for raiding and other grave offences
20.10.2016 | 17:23
Prime Minister suggested holding thematic day in Parliament to support National police
20.10.2016 | 15:00
Government pledges to improve logistical support of CID in synergy with Parliament and expects law enforcement agencies to intensify security in the streets
20.10.2016 | 14:14
Volodymyr Groysman: Government will enhance the law enforcement system to ensure protection of rights of citizens
12.10.2016 | 13:10
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergiy Kyslytsya participated at the 200th session of the UNESCO Executive Board as the head of official delegation
06.10.2016 | 11:09
Statement on Illegitimacy of the 18 September 2016 Elections to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
05.10.2016 | 13:32
Prime Minister thanked MPs for their constructive work and synergy with the Government in the development of crucial decisions for the country
03.10.2016 | 19:55
Government to consider draft amendments to the Tax Code at a session on Wednesday
29.09.2016 | 10:46
MFA Statement on the Publication of the MH17 Joint Investigation Team’s Preliminary Results
23.09.2016 | 13:34
Prime Minister urges MPs to plan sources of repayment in the bills envisaging for additional expenses from the Budget