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Law and Order
23.06.2015 | 10:50
Arseniy Yatsenyuk asks Batkivshchyna Party to consider the issues of Ecology Minister Ihor Shevchenko's remaining in his position
19.06.2015 | 17:56
Venice Commission confirms that Ukraine's Lustration Law is in line with international standards and resolutions of the Council of Europe
05.06.2015 | 16:42
New rules for the granting and revocation of authorities to operate air lines enter into force
05.06.2015 | 14:18
Following week President and Prime Minister to gather representatives of regions to tackle law on voluntary association of communities
05.06.2015 | 13:46
PM: By end of next week four international auditors will finalize report on housing and utility tariffs
05.06.2015 | 12:55
Arseniy Yatsenyuk calls on coalition to support laws submitted by the coalition Government
05.06.2015 | 10:25
MFA hosts briefing for foreign ambassadors to inform about recent provocations by Russia-backed terrorists in ATO area
04.06.2015 | 17:07
Foreign troops to Ukraine allowed for peacekeeping operations except for troops of aggressor country
04.06.2015 | 16:20
Arseniy Yatsenyuk urges to act as one democratic team during elections to local authorities
29.05.2015 | 19:51
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The Government of Ukraine believes that during the G7 summit the Ukrainian issue will be among major topics
28.05.2015 | 17:35
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: My Government will never talk to terrorists
28.05.2015 | 16:37
Arseniy Yatsenyuk during Kyiv Security Forum: We are not allowed to fail this time, as this is about the future of Europe
22.05.2015 | 10:07
Danylo Lubkivsky: Government expects for strong support for Ukraine's sovereignty to be demonstrated by the participants of the Eastern Partnership Summit
21.05.2015 | 15:44
Parliament adopts bill on internal agencies at first reading
15.05.2015 | 16:14
Decentralization reform underway: the powers of state architectural and construction control transferred to the local level
15.05.2015 | 13:20
PM: Budget to receive UAH 1 billion 780 million as dividends from Ukrnafta
07.05.2015 | 17:50
To protect public order during commemorative events through May 8- 9 to be engaged 40 thousand law enforcement officers
06.05.2015 | 17:10
Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a meeting with cadets of MIA patrol service: "It is a truly high quality reform in Ukraine, when citizens will trust a police officer
06.05.2015 | 13:13
Arseniy Yatsenyuk urged Parliament to immediately approve law on national police
05.05.2015 | 16:30
Natalie Yaresko: Prime Minister set a three-month deadline for SFS leaders to put order into activity of fiscal authorities
23.04.2015 | 15:35
PM: Anti-corruption strategy of Ukraine should base on the model of the Polish strategy
23.04.2015 | 09:36
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Government appeals to the AMC to initiate an investigation against "Gazprom"
22.04.2015 | 15:42
Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the parliamentary coalition: "We have no right to afford any political instability"
21.04.2015 | 16:08
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: A target of Russia is destabilization in Ukraine. Our task is preventive measures and protection of citizens
17.04.2015 | 16:57
Ukrainian Government takes necessary measures to secure appropriate and timely harmonization of national legislation with Acquis Communautaire
10.04.2015 | 12:26
U.S. delegation expressed satisfaction with cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
09.04.2015 | 11:36
Ministry of Regional Development with government experts and business representatives elaborate ways to reform solid household waste management system
08.04.2015 | 13:39
Bill on protection of investors' rights adopted
06.04.2015 | 15:26
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: New Constitution should ensure balance and responsibility of all branches of government
06.04.2015 | 13:58
PM: Neither Moscow nor anyone else has a right to tell us what kind of Constitution we should have